Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Have You Seen Your Face Today?

Today, I am writing about something that actually happened on Monday. It took me a few days to recover, so I am just now able to talk about it. I will thank you in advance for being sensitive to my wounded ego.

It started like any other Monday morning. I was up around 5:30 to feed Will. I put him back to bed and started on our recurring Monday breakfast - bacon, eggs, and toast. We seriously eat this every Monday. There's no real reason behind it...that's just the way it is.

Anyway, I got the breakfast cooked and on the table complete with the butter, jam, and of course, our coffee. I sat down, turned on Mike and Mike in the Morning, and sipped my coffee as I waited on Theron to come join me.

My loving husband sits down, we pray, and dig into our food. After a few bites, Theron stares at me for a minute, laughs, and says, "Have you seen your face today?"  I immediately start trying to wipe off butter, jam, crumbs, drool, and anything else that could possibly be on my face.

He keeps laughing and says, "No, your eyes are all black...did you forget to take your makeup off?"  I started laughing and went to check myself out in the microwave (it's as good a place as any, right?). There they were in all their glory. Black, smeared, streaky raccoon eyes. At this point, both of us were laughing so hard we couldn't stop. We both somehow managed to finish our breakfast, and Theron left for work.

After he left, I started thinking about what he'd said, and what had happened, and I laughed all over again. *Side Note: I'm glad there are no cameras in my house watching my every move because I would look like an idiot...a lot.* After thinking about it, though, this whole scenario taught me a few lessons:

1. Wash your face before you go to bed. It really is important. Not only is it better for your skin, it is also better for your pride the next morning.

2. Laugh at yourself. I could've let what Theron said hurt my feelings. I could've been over-dramatic and made a big deal out of it and started our morning with a fight or in a bad mood. Instead, I laughed, and I felt like it started my day off just right.

3. Laugh at your spouse. If Theron hadn't laughed at me, it would've been just another ordinary morning. Who knows, I might have gone out to check the mail or to take the trash out like that.  Thank goodness my husband laughed at me.

4. Take time to have special moments with the people you love. I love our breakfasts together. LOVE them. I wouldn't trade them for anything. This is something we've done since we got married, but I really appreciate them now that Will is here. While we eat breakfast, Will is still asleep, and it's a nice time for just the two of us. Sure, I could sleep later. I could let Theron grab a granola bar on his way out the door. But then I would miss this special time we have together, and to me, it's just not worth it.

So what's the moral of this story? Make fun of your spouse or some other special person in your life today! I'm sure they'll thank you for it (probably).

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  1. Love this post! I love laughing with my husband! Those are the best moments!