Tuesday, May 15, 2012

17 Months

So, I'm a little behind. What's new? Will's been 17 months old for about a week and a half two weeks now, and I'm finally getting around to writing his monthly update. Oh well.

I would say the theme of this month has been "Go!" Maybe this is actually just the theme of our lives. I feel like we are constantly moving, constantly going, running here and there all the time. Will is no exception to this aspect of our family. If anything, he has just upped our game a little bit. He is a mover!

He loves jumping. He has loved jumping since he was 6 or 7 months old and that love has only evolved. He begs to jump in his bed several times a day. I don't mind this one bit since it keeps him contained, and I can things done while he's having a great time. It's definitely a win-win.

When he's not jumping, he's running, or asking to go to the park or to play outside. He loves taking walks in his "stro-stro," and often beats on the door to the garage saying it over and over again in his whiniest voice.

A new thing this month is his desire to tell everything and everyone bye-bye. He does this ALL.THE.TIME. It's not just when we're leaving the house. Oh no. It's every time he leaves a room - Bye-bye bed, bye-bye fan, bye-bye ball, bye-bye shoes. It's every time he's finished eating - Bye-bye chicken, bye-bye bread, bye-bye banana. It's every time I change his diaper - Bye-bye diaper, bye-bye poop. The kid says bye-bye to EVERYTHING. At first, I thought it was cute. Now, I just get annoyed when it takes us 20 minutes to leave a room.

I'm thinking all of this bye-bye business is a result of his new vocabulary. This month has definitely been an explosion of new words. It seemed like he woke up one day and knew how to label everything he was familiar with...and label he does. He loves practicing his words over and over before he goes to bed. I think he's just trying to make sure he won't forget them in the morning. He loves to point at things and label them and for you to repeat what he says. If you don't repeat it, he'll just keep saying the word until you do. I've gotten to be pretty good at understanding him just so I can repeat what he says as fast as I can.

It really is so much fun to see him learning. It is just amazing to watch a baby become a toddler, and I'm sure it only gets more amazing to watch them grow and develop through the years.

Some other favorite things this month would be the movie "Cars," and TV shows Super Why and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He also loves to play with anything that, trucks, trains (choo-choos), tractors, etc. Our backyard looks like a parking lot with all of his vehicles parked out there. He loves drinking smoothies and asks for one almost every day. This is a great way for him to get tons of fruit, and I even throw some protein powder in there every once in awhile. He still doesn't really play "with" his friends, but he's started getting really excited to see them. He just loves Kinlee and Ally, and his face lights up when I tell him we're going to play with them. He loves giving hugs and sloppy wet kisses. He takes great care of his stuffed animals and the baby dolls in the nursery at church. I think he's going to be an amazing daddy one day!

He keeps me busy, and sometimes I wish we could just slow down, but I do my best to soak up every minute and every new activity. Some days I try to remember what my life was like before Will was around, and I just can't do it. I truly cannot imagine my life without him. Trust me, we have our fair share of frustrations and there are times I wonder why parenting has to be so difficult, but I know that I am truly blessed and try to embrace the good and the bad along the way.