Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Family Visits

It has been a few days since I posted, but it's been for a very good reason. Several very good reasons, actually. We've had family in town!

Theron's parents stopped through Oklahoma City on a vacation they were taking to the Mississippi/Louisiana area. They came in on Thursday afternoon and stayed with us Thursday night. One of his brothers and his sister live in Shawnee, so they were able to come over for dinner, which was so much fun. It had been awhile since Theron's parents had seen Will, so while I know they were very happy to see us, they were SO excited to see him (can't say I blame them!). We had such a good time catching up, and I loved watching them play with Will. I'm sure he enjoyed having people other than mom and dad to play with for a change! They left Friday morning, and even though it was a short visit, it was a great one.

Then, my parents and sister came up on Saturday and stayed with us Saturday and Sunday night. I always love seeing my family, but I think it is so much more fun now that Will is here. Like I said, I just love to watch them play with him. You can just see the indescribable amount of love they have for he's the best thing that's ever happened in their whole lives (again, I can't blame them!). We hung out at the house, spent some time at the mall, and just enjoyed each other's company. With the exception of a small crossbow incident (always an adventure when my dad's around), it was a really great weekend!

Family visits are not always easy. I have to clean the house, buy extra groceries, plan all the meals, and make plenty of extra desserts (of course!). Our schedule gets thrown off, we might have to change some plans here and there, and our routine is totally out of whack. Despite all of this, I would have our families over every day if I could!

I have the most incredible family. My parents, my sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins...all of them! Of course, we have our problems, our arguments and disagreements. We get on each other's nerves; we frustrate each other; and we have our bad moments just like every other family I've ever seen. However, I don't have more fun with or feel more loved by any other people in the whole entire world.

I know it is a huge blessing to be born into a family you love so much (and who loves you so much more), but it is another thing to marry into a family that you absolutely love and adore. It has to be rare to have both. That's why I know I am doubly blessed. Not only is the family I was born into amazing, my "other" family is amazing, too! I am constantly grateful for Theron's family and the way they have welcomed me with open arms from the very beginning.

If I sound like I'm getting all sappy, it's because I am. After my parents left yesterday, the house just felt empty. All of our guests were gone, and it was just us again. I felt so sad that everyone was gone.

You may not have the best relationship with your family, and that's ok. Unfortunately, many people are born into families they wish they were never a part of. I wish everyone could have great parents, wonderful siblings, and amazing grandparents, but I know that is not always the way it works out. However, I don't think people have to be related by blood or even by marriage to be a "family." Again, I know I have been so blessed. My hope is that I can take all the love I have received and use it to be "family" to those around me. I hope I constantly offer the love and support I have been given my whole life to those who have never received it.

So, be thankful for your family today...or be family to someone else today. Either way, I think you will be blessed!

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  1. I had my family visit this weekend too. Always too short of a visit!!! Glad you had a good weekend