Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Don't worry. I know Valentine's Day was yesterday. However, since I didin't write about it yesterday, I thought I would fill you in today. Theron (my sweet husband) and I actually celebrated on Saturday. He had been away on business for 10 whole days...the longest amount of time we had ever been apart in our married life! Considering this and the fact that our only other "date" without our son was to the Deacon's Banquet at church, a date night was much needed.

So, we dropped our boy off at our sweet friends' house and ventured out to dinner. We had originally planned on eating at Sophabella's. I have never eaten there and had been wanting to try it for awhile. Unfortunately, when we called to get a reservation, they could only get us in after 8:30, which being the old people that we are, was too late. No big deal, we'll just go somewhere else, right? Wrong. 4 restaurants later we finally ended up at Cafe 7. Because it is an "order at the counter" type place, we assumed there would not be an hour wait (like at the previous 3 restaurants we tried). Thankfully, we were right! There was no wait, but we did get one of the last two available tables in the restaurant! Anyway, Theron had their Margherita pizza, and I had penne pasta with pesto sauce, tomatoes, and onions. If you haven't tried Cafe 7, you should check out their website at the link above. It has good food and an interesting concept. Probably not the BEST food you've ever tasted, but it's definitely worth checking out. So, we enjoyed a couple hours of good food and good, non-baby related conversation. (OK, maybe there was a little baby-related talk, but not too much).

After we ate, we made a surprise stop by Barnes and Noble. I really didn't want to stop when Theron suggested it because I was so anxious to get back to my baby boy. But, I reluctantly agreed. Good thing I did because my hubby surprised me with my Valentine's Day gift! What else but the Pioneer Woman's cookbook! I have given this cookbook as a gift 3 times, but I still did not have my own copy (until now). Way to go, hubby! Thanks for paying attention to my not-so-subtle hints. It was a fun evening, but I was definitely ready to get back to my sweet boy. He also gave me a present that night...9 hours of sleep!!! Best.Present.Ever. (Sorry sweetie, I really do love the cookbook).

It was a great evening with my Valentine, even though it wasn't technically Valentine's Day. Just in case you're thinking Theron got left out in the whole Valentine's Day gift area, I did do something for him too. He's not really one for gifts, but he is definitely one for food! I made him a peach cobbler (I will be posting the recipe sometime this week) and wrote him a mushy (but very heartfelt) love letter. He's pretty easy to please, which is fine by me.

All in all it was a wonderful Valentine's Day. I am so thankful for the two men in my life and glad they make me feel loved EVERY day...not just once a year when they calendar tells them they should. I am one lucky girl.

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