Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Attempt at a Good Family Picture

I mentioned that Theron and I were in his brother's wedding last month. We thought it would be a great time to get a good family picture. I'm not so sure we accomplished that, but I thought you all might enjoy looking at our attempts. I don't think we win the "Most Photogenic Family" award, but at least you might get a good laugh. I know I did.

Attempt #1:  I have squinty eyes and look like I'm talking, Will's covering his face, great picture of Theron

Attempt #2:  I am laughing, Will is crying, great picture of Theron (again)

Attempt #3:  I am clearly straining, but still trying to smile as Will wiggles in my arms. Theron is looking at us thinking...can't you two just get it together!

Attempt #4:  More squinty eyes from me, Will is distracted by something going on beside us, another great picture of Theron

Attempt #5:  As good as it's going to get. Clearly no one is calling us to pose on their magazine cover.

We gave up after this one. We knew it really wasn't going to get any better. Maybe I will just photoshop our Christmas cards this year.

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