Monday, August 1, 2011

8 Months Old

Saturday, Will turned 8 months old. This month, of course, brought lots of changes. It was a month full of exploring, discovering, and making messes!

He has mastered crawling...even though it is a pretty crazy crawl. He can get anywhere he wants to go and has fun crawling from room to room finding things to drag out. My house constantly looks like a tornado just went through it, but I don't even bother trying to pick up until after Will goes to bed. There is just no point. So, if you stop by my house any time soon, just prepare yourself.

Now that he can move around on his own, he is discovering lots of new things. He usually "discovers" them by putting them in his mouth. I am learning all about babyproofing even though I haven't done too much of that yet.

Being more mobile has also helped him communicate better. Several times a day, he crawls to the back door and sits there and whines like a puppy. He loves going outside, but this 100 degree weather hasn't allowed for too much of that. I also think he is beginning to understand what he is saying when he says "mama."  He has started crawling up, grabbing my legs, and saying it over and over until I pick him up. I try to remind myself that this is sweet and not just annoying when I'm trying to get things done around the house.

He is also understanding several words now including: eat, outside, bath, and uh-oh. He thinks it  is hilarious to throw things on the ground, so someone has to pick them up for him. I do not think this is so hilarious. He still loves bath time. There have been several evenings when he has crawled into the bathroom and banged on the side of the tub until we put him in.

Another one of his favorite things is to look at himself in the mirror. He loves to "kiss the baby" he sees in there!

He saves plenty of kisses for me too, though!

He is growing all the time. I don't have an official weight this month, but I think he's getting close to 17 pounds. He's wearing some 6-9 month and some 9-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. He loves trying new foods, especially when he gets to feed himself! He's tried lots of finger foods this month. Some of his favorites are toast, blueberries, and of course, Cheerios.

He is getting very good at pulling up and prefers walking (with assistance) over crawling. I'm sure walking is in our near future, and our lives will change yet again.

He's so sweet, so much fun, and quite the charmer. I've had to allow extra time for grocery shopping, so he can stop and flirt with all the old ladies.

He is seeming less and less like a baby every day. I love seeing his independence and his personality emerge, but it is sad to see my baby grow up so quickly. Each stage is so much fun, and I'm always looking forward to seeing how he will grow and change.

Happy 8 months, Will! Best 8 months ever.

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